Little Boy

by Reuben

"Little boy, don't go in there," said the old man, grabbing the boy's shoulder.
But the boy couldn't see him. He couldn't even feel the man's hands.

"So cold..." said the little boy, turning his head both ways. "Mom?" He called out, trying to feel his mother's hands. "Mom?" He called out again.

Silence. Only silence called out.

He was blind.

He didn't know where he was going. Just a few minutes ago, they were at the carnival. Crowded, carnivals are always crowded. What a foolish parent, one might say.

The little boy was now walking to the direction of the abandoned school on the night of a full moon, being warned by someone he couldn't see nor hear.

"Little boy, don't go. You have to run."

Still, he couldn't hear him.

The old man knew he had to rescue him. He had to do something, but he couldn't.

He was only a ghost after all.