Website Updates

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Updated About Me and Updates home button
About Me page no longer opens a new window
Flipped website buttons section and update time section
Added Guestbook page
Moved About Me and Guestbook links to homepage header


Added new About Me section: Personality Quizzes Results
Changed Back button in About Me to Home button
Removed Back buttons from all pages.
Added Update Log to Home Page at footer
The Surface: Anecdotes & Blogging is renamed Anecdotes & Journalling


The link or now redirects to the Home Page
Added iMood
Created a website button

Added 5 new buttons at footer:
Reuben's Bones, Campaign Against Frames, Brave, Wifi at the Moon, eSheep


Added videos and lyrics to all songs in The Full Moon and Sit Down and Let's Talk
Added copyright years at footer

Added 6 new buttons at footer:
Daniel's Network, This to That, Startpage, Mental Heal, Discord, Neocities


New sections:
The Surface: Writing Projects [2]
Short Pieces: Songs [4]
Added videos and lyrics to Chamomile and all songs in For the Unnamed under Songs


Site is fully published

New sections:
The Surface: Anecdotes & Blogging [2 posts]
Short Pieces: Stories & Poems [3]
Hidden Layers: Personal Letters [1], Essays on Life [4]
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