One time I got lost on my way home

by Reuben

Walking home from school, I looked left and right. The houses did not look familiar. The ground felt foreign. The skies seemed too belittling.

A sudden urge of panic came rushing through me--something was wrong. Only then did I realize I was going the wrong way. Turning left, turning right, I eventually found myself at the familiar side of the neighborhood. I still did not know how to get home from there, however. So fourteen-year old me from 2016 decided to keep walking down the hill.

An old woman facing back was sweeping her front yard. She was big-boned and had white hair reaching down her neck. I was relieved. Finally, someone to ask for directions.

"Excuse me, ma'am," I tried to get her attention. The old woman did not turn around.

"Ma'am?" I said again. But still, no answer.

Fourteen-year old me from 2016 decided to do nothing but stare at the old woman. I was either going to ask this person or be lost forever.

The old woman turned around after a few seconds of staring.

"Yes?" She wasn't an old woman. She turned out to be an old man, an old man with an intriguingly deep voice.

"Oh god I'm so sorry," I was embarrassed. I mean, who wouldn't be?

"What do you want?" The old woman--I mean, man--asked. I couldn't tell if he was annoyed by my presence or the fact that I was standing on his front yard.

I asked him for directions. He told me where to go. So I decided to keep walking down the hill.

I never saw the old man again.