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this website serves as a collection of all my personal writings.

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The Surface

everyday life events and general thoughts.

Writing Projects

A look into a neighboring planet 2,000 years later 👽, 2021

A book report on Bone Gap by Laura Ruby through music, 2017

Anecdotes & Journalling

One time I got lost on my way home, 2019

Compiling a list of responses to "thank you", 2019


Short Pieces

Stories & Poems

The Seventh Month

Dear Father

Two Worlds

Little Boy


simple songs recorded with a simple phone.

Single: Chamomile, 2021

Album: The Full Moon, 2019-2020

Album: Sit Down and Let's Talk, 2018

Album: For the Unnamed, 2017

Hidden Layers

diving deeper into the abyss of true feelings.

Personal Letters

4.13.20, Mon, 15:37

Essays on Life

No one is special

When life gets tough

The grays

The heart that rules

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